social Corporate responsibility

Corporate social responsibility acknowledges the debt that the corporate owes to the community. Apollo Group have been actively involved in contributing to Uplift the Standard of Human Life. Our contributions have shaped promoting ideology of Educating Children via sponsoring admission in schools, workshops on hygienic living and importance of renewable source of energyin rural areas and also financially assisting organisations that are into promoting animal welfare.

We also celebrate Earth day where we welcome our workers to join us in planting a tree and provide the crop grown in the farms of the company to its employees for health and economical reasons, as no pesticides are used in growing them. Our company has planted over 500 trees and pledges to grow more every year.

Following are a few entities who have helped us in reforming a better society:

  • Child Rights and You
  • Sardar Patel Seva
  • Bhavnagar SadvicharSevaSamiti
  • Mangal Charitable Trust
  • PNR Society
  • Shri Bhavnagar Panjrapol
  • Bal Ashram, Bhavnagar.